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Dec 17, 2012 2:00am PST
we fill up a car and i earn twice as much. >> most of her customers are businessmen who are keen to avoid fines. >> the 3 in 1 system may seem absurd to some. and city planners have no shortage of ideas. now they're also working on a system based on license plates. >> we also want to limit the numbers of the cars by using different numbers -- odd numbers allowed on some days and even numbers on other days. >> but car drivers shouldn't get too worried. the authorities have been bandying these ideas around for years. red tape always gets in the way. then there's the train system. we squeeze in along with the hundreds of thousands of other commuters who take the train in jakarta every day. a ride costs 2.000 rupiah, that's about 20 cent. forget sitting down and don't think about air conditioning. the trains are ramshackle and overcrowded but many people here in the capital have no alternative means of transport. anyone who misses the chance to get on board simply goes on top. like bahri! we gave him a camera and asked him to film his trip to work. even with the electricity lines an
Dec 25, 2012 2:00am PST
of its artists in city slums where most of his friends now live, and adopted them into an extended family. >> that is my wife's mother. on the right is her aunt. this one is a distant cousin, i think. and this is my daughter. that is the wonderful thing about gypsy families. the old people are not discriminated against. it is nothing like that. we all live together. >> the work in the service can be arduous. alexander checks to make sure the young artists are practicing. the children are the pride of the circus, an essential part of the extended family, which rejects any social strata. >> young people today are being led astray, told that fashion or sports or social advancement are most important. being bigger, younger, stronger. i do not see how those values can make people happy. >> the family manages to make ends meet. the service wanders through france all year long. only in the winter do they stay in one place. the artists love that they can decide spontaneously where and when they will perform. >> what counts for us is meeting people in the here and now. we are not thinking about to
Dec 21, 2012 6:00am PST
at the committee's board meeting. he'll be joined by a wrestler who won her third consecutive gold medal at the london olympics and four other people who have been appointed as ambassadored to support japan's bid to host the games. tokyo is competing against the turkish city of istanbul and madrid. the international olympic committee will pick the host city in september next year. >>> japanese automakers say tension with china caused production there to drop by almost half compared to last year. directors of major car companies released their november production volumes on friday. honda factory workers put out 27,000 units, 59% fewer than the same month last year. nissan produced 68,000 units, down 43%. and toyota made 51,000 units, down 38%. directors at other firms also had reason to be unhappy. mitsubishi was 86% down, mazda dropped by 49% and suzuki's production in china decreased by 5%. but the automakers could at least note a slowing rate of decline. they showed an average drop of 43% on last year compared with 48% in october. reits collect money from investors who purchase real es
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)